Our Product Range

• Air Cargo covers with bottom mats
• Asphalt Duvet Covers
• Blankets
• Carrier Bags and Wine Bags
• Flower Pallet Covers
• Fridge Roller Mats
• Medico Bags
• Orchard Covers
• Pallet Covers and Bottom Mats
• Rolltainer Covers
• Truck Partitions

Who designs and makes these products and why?

Bamic’s European principals and South African manufacturers design and manufacture this superior range of thermal products. They are leaders in this field supplying markets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Minor and North and South Africa. The range can be made to meet the most stringent quality standards laid down by the European Union where the maintenance of the cold-chain is paramount. Foils and insulation are unique and virgin meaning they are not made from contaminated recycled materials; very important when dealing with food. These products are used to maintain the condition of any perishable item in transit and also in conjunction with temperature controlled transport, to assist in maintaining the cold chain and save fuel and energy.

Thermal Air Cargo Cover
Air cargo cover
These are similar to the Thermally Insulated Pallet Covers but are designed to be used specifically for use with air cargo. The size and the configuration is somewhat different from the standard pallet cover but the use of Velcro to seal the 4 splits, the materials and the Polywool® are very similar. Also it can be supplied in two pieces; a top and bottom element to ensure absolute insulation. Again these covers can be made to client specification in regards to thickness of insulation. The covers can be removed at the point of loading into the aircraft’s hold to facilitate retrieval or can be returned protecting other perishables on the return journey. Where temperature maintenance of sensitive or perishable products on the tarmac and in the air is important, then the Thermally Insulated Air Cargo Cover is the answer.

Thermal Asphalt Duvet Cover
Asphalt duvet
The Thermal Asphalt Duvet cover is a radical step forward in thermal insulation and contributes to the quality and productivity of road construction. The duvet cover protects stock in storage bays and site stockpiles and keeps truckloads of asphalt and bitmac at the right temperature during transportation. The duvet can be laid directly onto a load and withstands temperatures up to 240ºC. It is resistant to bitumen damage and it complements rather than replaces tarpaulin or other coverings and helps protect them. It saves time and money by cutting down on stock loss due to poor temperature control. It is lightweight. 1 person can handle a duvet cover 4, 6 x 3, 0 metres as it weighs only 7, 3 kgs. Research proves that use of duvet covers promotes overall savings. The duvet cover is made with reinforced edging and eyelets are positioned around the edges. It has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute, the Swedish National Institute and the UK Department of Roads and meets their stringent requirements. Without the duvet cover asphalt can lose up to 20 to 25% of its temperature per hour. With the duvet cover that figure drops dramatically even in cold European conditions. It is easy to clean, durable and simple to store.

Thermal Blankets

Thermal blankets have numerous uses from preventing frost damage during cold winters to covering loads in temperature controlled environments. Many convenience food operators and restaurant owners use this product to wrap around temperature sensitive goods that need to be protected either from extreme cold or heat. They are particularly effective when used as a division between frozen, chilled and ambient goods travelling in a single load. When pre-chilled they can also be used to maintain cold temperatures in non-refrigerated vehicles.

Thermal Carrier Bags

The 3-layer thermal carrier bag and Fish bag eliminates breaking the ‘cold chain’ from the store to the customer’s home fridge/freezer for several hours. The gusseted flat bottom allows the carrier bag to carry more products. Both these products are food safe, environmentally friendly and can be recycled. They can be effectively branded, are lightweight, do not take up much space and are complementary to traditional plastic shopping bags. They offer the best solution for customers transporting chilled and frozen food, fish or chilled drinks on long journeys by car, train, bus or taxi.

Thermal Flower Pallet Covers and Flower Bin Covers
Flower pallet cover
Fresh cut flowers are sensitive to extreme temperature variations during transit which can adversely affect the shelf life of the blooms. The unique thermal flower pallet cover protects the flowers from these extreme temperature variations. The European flower industry is adopting this process and thereby saving many thousands of Euros. Bamic also supplies thermal flower bin covers (for dollies and lugs) which protect the blooms from freezer burn whilst in storage in cold rooms at distribution centres or in temperature controlled transport.

Thermal Fridge Roller Mats
Roller mats
The Thermal Fridge Roller Mat is an extremely effective solution for the overnight and weekend coverage of open, ‘coffin’ refrigerated or freezer appliances in store. With the escalating cost of electricity it is important to find solutions that will save money. Savings of up to 40% per annum on energy (electricity) costs can be made using these roller mats and the lifetime of compressors and motors can be prolonged thereby also saving on maintenance costs. They are also useful during power outages as they “lock in” the cold air for long periods. They are lightweight, easy to clean and store.

Thermally Insulated Medico Bags
Medico bag
Three layer Thermal Medico Bags are widely used by the medical, pharmaceutical and logistics industries for optimising the condition of perishable medicines and biologicals during transportation. With their use there are no more problems with deterioration caused by excessive heat or radiation. They are reusable and hygienic. Used worldwide by multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturers, logistics practitioners, medical laboratories, blood banks, retail and wholesale pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners, they are manufactured in 3 convenient sizes to exact specifications using space age thermal technology. The Medico bag has either a press-stud or resealable tape closure and transparent document pocket.

Thermal Orchard Covers
Orchard cover
Filled fruit and vegetable bins need protection from sun, rain or hail damage in transit from the orchard or the lands to the pack house. These covers will prevent picked fruit from suffering sunburn or other harmful weather conditions particularly when being harvested in the hottest months. They have a mirror foil on the top side, to reflect the sun’s damaging rays and a thin poly fibre insulation layer to provide further protection. On the reverse side the cover is a tough polypropylene weave which is gentle on the fruit. They can be used repeatedly over many seasons as they are washable and hygienic. The covers are attached to the trailer or truck back by threading nylon rope through the eyelets provided and tying them down. They can also be used to cover and protect fresh fruit and vegetables on open or flatbed trucks.

Thermal Pallet Cover
Pallet cover
High quality insulated Thermal Pallet Covers are made from reflective alu-coated pur-textile polyurethane and/or woven polypropylene. They are insulated by 120 to 400 g/m² of Polywool® wadding and can be manufactured to customer specifications. There can be 1 to 4 closures, sealed using industrial strength Velcro.
A unique ID label and clear document pocket can also be included. These pallet covers are used extensively in road, sea and air freight logistics and are proven to markedly improve the quality of temperature sensitive and perishable goods during transportation over long and short haul journeys. The air cargo variant of this product is manufactured to a range of sizes that will fit the cargo holds of any aircraft. Thermal pallet covers stabilize cargo temperature, prevent rain and ultra-violet damage, keep products clean and free from cross contamination and reduce the risk of pilferage by keeping the contents hidden from view. They can also be used to isolate perishables in refrigerated transport where cold temperatures are harmful to temperature sensitive products e.g. bananas and avocado pears. Using thermal pallet covers also assists in saving fuel and energy. Used as a stand-alone solution in non-refrigerated transport they also work very effectively.

Thermal Rolltainer Cover
Rolltainers can best be described as cage containers on wheels and are used extensively in the retail distribution industry for delivering products from central distribution centres to stores. The Thermal Rolltainer Cover can be made from a variety of foils, the strongest of which would be the combination of a food safe polypropylene inner and tough Pur-Textile outer with Polywool® insulation between. They have Velcro sealed openings for ease of access. They are made to client specification and include an identity label and transparent document pocket.

Thermal Truck Partitions
Truck Partition
Thermal Truck Partitions enable one transporter or truck to carry mixed multi-temperature loads of goods in refrigerated transport; for example mixed in one load can be frozen, chilled and general dry goods. Each set of goods is ‘partitioned’ depending on the need to maintain the correct temperature during transportation. This solution is widely used in the meat, fish, chicken and grocery supply chain. Thermal partitions are lightweight and easy for a single individual to erect and move, to assist off-loading or to lessen the area to be chilled. This can be done by using the Gas Spring T-Bar system. They also create a marked saving in fuel and energy costs. Despite their lightweight construction the materials are extremely tough and hardwearing.