Company Profile

Bamic Import & Export was founded in 2006 by CEO Barbara Westcott when she returned from a trip to Europe with the idea of opening a business to sell superior quality thermally insulated carrier bags. It soon became apparent that there was a far wider need for thermal products in many areas of the supply chain; logistics, (air, road and sea transport) retailing, agriculture, fruit, flowers, wine, meat, chicken, fish, dairy, pharmaceutical and the medical industries all need to use these sophisticated products to ensure the maintenance of quality and the efficiency, efficacy and security of the cold chain. The critical weaknesses in the cold chain often occur at the loading and off-loading points of the supply chain and this is where Bamic’s products come into their own saving time, energy and money.

Within a short period Barbara has established Bamic as one of the leaders in this exciting industry. Together with her marketing director Mike, she is supplying great product and outstanding levels of service to a rapidly growing client base who appreciate the cost savings and quality maintenance Bamic’s range of products offers.

The company trades as an SMME (Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise) and is level 4 BEE compliant. It has a reputation for being pro-active, dynamic and a professional business dedicated to the maintenance of the Cold Chain.